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Hawaiian islands mapHawaii is the most exotic state in the whole United States. They are sunny, warm and beautiful. In 1959 the Hawaiian islands are officially recognized as the 50th state of the country. They attract many tourists from all over the world, who want to have one relaxing vacation in this mix of unique environment and culture. And the magic beaches and the splendid hotels offer first class services and one of the best spa procedures in the world.

When you step on the Hawaiian land, you will be enchanted of the unusual atmosphere that prevails in the islands. You will be warmly welcomed with a smile and will be greeted with the famous “Aloha”. This will surely create an amazing Hawaiian mood and will prepare you for a truly extraordinary vacation. You will see that the Hawaiian Islands are one of the most beautiful places of the world, offering a unique combination of tropical climate, warm crystal waters of the ocean, magnificent beaches and green mountains. The whole landscape, complemented by hospitable locals will take you in a world of relaxation and bliss, in which the peace is king.

Hawaii offers a variety of emotions for everyone. Because of the unique nature of the islands, you can enjoy so many activities there – swimming, surfing, canoeing, diving, snorkeling, mountain climbing. The beautiful parks, interesting botanical and zoological gardens, are the places where you can admire the exotic flora and fauna.

If you want to become familiar with the islands, we suggest you to start your journey with the most popular – Oahu. In it is situated the capital and administrative center of Hawaii – Honolulu.

Give yourself a magical Hawaiian story and do not forget to visit Hanauma Bay. You will see that it is worth!

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