Hanauma Bay Tips

by admin

What is the best day to go? It is open every day but Tuesdays.

– What is a good time to get there? Ir you are driving, get there by 9am, or 8:30am in the summer months. It opens at 6am. The ticket office does not open until 7am. If you get there before 6:45am or so, you can walk in without paying the $7.50 admission.

– When does the parking lot fill up? 9am, 8:30am summer months.

and if it does, are there other places to park, if so, how much? Really no other choice.

– What is the food situation? Can you bring food down to the beach? water? You can bring your own food & beverages if you want (no alcohol). Snack shack is above.

– Are there really no toilets on beach level? There are restrooms on the beach. You can also change there. There are also lockers to place valuables in. There is also equipment rental.

– What are you not allowed to bring down with you? Alcohol. I cannot think of anything else

– how long should I expect to stay there – 2-3 hours of snorkeling and/or laying on the beach.

– is it worth it to buy the $2 all day bus shuttle that goes up and down the hill? Not downhill for sure unless you have some type of disability. I’ve never paid the $2 for the shuttle going up or down. But, if you are out of shape maybe up, down not needed. Most people walk up the hill. It is about 5 minutes. It is fairly steep, but 95% can do it.


bring food and drinks

yes well worth $2 for up the hill unless your as fit as a bull


wear reef shoes ,when you dont have your flippers on.

I cut my toe and spoilt the rest of the day,i was so careful, been twice before without any problem,my silly fault.

watch the weather its not fun when the wind is up,dont go after a storm day,water will be cloudy.

enjoy its such a pretty beach,I can look at it for hours