Hanauma Bay Green Sea Turtles

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The green sea turtle reaches a length of 1.5 m and can weigh up to 395 kg, making it the largest tortoise with a bone shell. Its Hawaiian name is Honu, which means huge.

They have been such strange animals ever since they appeared on our planet. Their ancestors evolved not just like most animals, but on the contrary – they moved from land to water more than 150 million years ago. They are one of the few species so old that they have witnessed the extinction of dinosaurs.

Green Sea Turtle

They are very well adapted to life in their marine world. With their sophisticated organs and fins, they swim gracefully across the oceans. When active, they often have to be on the surface of the ocean to breath air. But when they sleep, they can stay underwater for a very long time.

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Although it doesn’t look very green, the turtle got its name because of the greasy colored tissue beneath its shell. It has such a color because its food includes only sea grasses and seaweed.

But the green sea turtles are not that green at all. Their shell is gray and black and their body color varies from yellow and brown to black. Their belly is creamy white or yellow. However, if you look at the one closely you will notice that the it looks slightly green. This is because of the algae, which for some inexplicable reason have decided that they can cover part of the turtle’s shell.

We can see green sea turtles while snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. We can actually see them almost everywhere in Hawaii.

In 1978 the green sea turtles were included in the endangered marine species list. And ever since then conservationists, scientists and environmentalists have been fighting these centuries-old and unique friends to stay with us. You can also help protect them by raising awareness and keeping the ocean clean. The green sea turtles are an important part of our nature and we need to protect them.

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